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Website Hosting
We rely on NTT Verio [the World's largest] for hosting; We'll use any host you want.

Just five years ago, roughly half the history of the World Wide Web, a website required an expensive server and the high-priced staff to man it.
These days hosting is little more than a commodity and the least important aspect of having a website. You simply "rent" a small aount of space on a computer/server in a wharehouse full of literally thousands of computers. Cost is based on amount of total file space you require plus the amount of transfer rate that comes from visitors visiting your site. Each visitor downloads a copy of your website one page at a time. A higher cost for hosting is justified when there is a large amount of traffic coming to your site because of popularity or a marketing campaign though it is still cheap. Expect to pay just $25 to $50 per month for a typical family business website.
We discount hosting costs for all Gossamer Webs clients.

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