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About Gossamer Webs' Business Services
We provide outsourcing services for Internet, creative and a range of project management.

We offer a volume of outsource business services and access to a number of senior professionals and creative, multitalented artists coordinated by a single project manager. Each project is a demonstration of our resolve to provide the best results. Our pricing has implied volume discounts built in because we expect to remain with our client over the long term.
There's no need to hire a six-figure salaried webmaster and related staff: we design or enhance all or part of any website or marketing tools & collateral, and create, maintain or update content with writing or photography to keep it interesting.
Gossamer Webs creates
Networks (such a VPNs or LANs) of the highest degree. Corporate mergers, expansions or down-sizing may require strategic network planning. We troubleshoot difficulties and offer viable solutions.
Gossamer Webs has partnered with
Black Mountain Capital to offer Corporate Services. BMC's principal has placed several billion dollars in various corporate transactions. If you're looking to fund, merge, sell or buy a company, start with Gossamer Webs.
We are your source for independent project management.

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