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Naming An Internet Business
A set of letters and numbers, and never a dash, to make a first impression...

Most words, and combinations of most words have been registered. Both by businesses desperate to find something to call themselves for their online business, and speculators hoping to make speculative investments in a supply/demand crunch for available names. While there are many domain extensions (.net, .org, .us, etc.) the only one that really counts is ".Com."
If you already have a registered domain name, you are in great shape. If not, you are in trouble. If you are planning for a future of growth and expansion, and why are you doing this if you are not planning such, then the name better be unique or trademarkable. You can't afford to change your name just as your business begins to take flight because someone else in the same industry beat you to it.
We will produce viable alternatives for your business name solution.

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